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Cindy Crenshaw, supply chain analyst

Supply Chain Analyst

Jim Botts, color technician

Jim Botts, color technician
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This is My Boeing: Don Maitland, Crane Operator:

Building an advanced commercial jetliner is a huge undertaking that requires the talents and skills of many people -- from the aerospace engineer to the buyer of specialized parts, the crane operator to the airframe mechanic. We are fortunate at Boeing to call many of these professionals our colleagues. In the coming months, they will take you to their workplaces and tell you about their jobs.

We begin with Don Maitland, a crane operator in our Everett, Wash., factory. He maneuvers a 34-ton crane that is suspended from the ceiling to haul giant sections of the plane through the factory. The job requires great hand-eye coordination, good depth perception and teamwork.