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Meet the 777 Family

Executive Travel "Leading Edge" award

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Travelling on Planet 777

Millions in the United States took to the skies this past weekend, un-officially kicking off America's summer travel season. Soon, millions more around the world will join in the vacation fun and many of those will fly on Boeing 777s.

To highlight the 777 family Boeing videographers filmed the airplanes in action at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York City and Vancouver International Airport.

"It was such a rewarding experience," said Boeing videographer Tom Wallace. "We see the airplanes in the factory quite a bit, but to see our planes doing what they were designed for was even better."

Readers of Executive Travel magazine have named the 777 the world's best for two years in a row. The airplane offers more range the 777-200LR holds the record for longest non-stop commercial flight and better fuel consumption than its competitors and is renowned for spacious and elegant cabin arrangements.

We hope you enjoy this video and the 777.