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Members of the Cambodia Digital Divide Data program

Photo Courtesy Digital Divide Data

Members of the Cambodia Digital Divide Data program, which Boeing supports and which provides participants with essential workplace skills.

A better tomorrow

While Chhayrorn was luckily born after the Khmer Rouge's reign, Cambodia still suffers from that devastating period. Boeing is one of the organizations trying to help.

More than one third of Cambodia's population lives in poverty and, according to the World Bank, there are only enough jobs for half of the country's working population. Farming and low-skill jobs are usually the only options for young adults such as Chhayrorn.

"If it wasnt for me, she may not even have finished high school. Now she has the chance to go to college "
Chhayrorn riding a bike

Photo Courtesy Digital Divide Data

So, although she dreamed of being a doctor, her family couldn't afford to make that happen. What's more, her father's medical bills forced her to drop out of banking classes and begin trying to support her family.

Her journey, however, took a positively unusual turn thanks to Digital Divide Data (DDD), a non-governmental organization that Boeing supports through scholarships, training assistance and purchases of computers. DDD provides technology and business training to disadvantaged youths in Phnom Penh. It allowed Chhayrorn to become a data operator trainee as it funded her studies.

"Our trainees receive on-the-job training that not only teaches them valuable technical skills but also helps them to understand how to work in a modern business environment," said Kann Kunthy, general manager of DDD's Phnom Penh office, "Our graduates are known to earn up to six times the average annual income as their peers."

Kunthy is a beneficiary of the program, having chanced upon the organisation while searching for a way out of his poor rural community. Today he leads a team of more than 300 people. "I have received offers to make much more money, but I remain at DDD because I believe in the social impact we can have on others."

Thanks to DDD, Chhayrorn is able to support her family and provide the promise of a better tomorrow.

"Now I am able to support myself and pay for my sister's studies," she said. "If it wasn't for me, she may not even have finished high school. Now she has the chance to go to college."