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Boeing /Wilson Chow

Scott Peterson, Flight Test director for the first Dreamliner, takes you onboard to explain some of the test components.

Go inside the first 787 Dreamliner

By Wilson Chow

Adrian Butler

Boeing/Wilson Chow

The large water tanks allow the test team to adjust the airplane's center of gravity when testing for specific conditions.

Dubbed ZA001, the first 787 Dreamliner entered the record books with its inaugural flight in December 2009. Since then, the Boeing Test and Evaluation team has put the plane through its paces, testing the jetliner's systems, flight controls and other performance characteristics.

Recently, ZA001 Flight Test director Scott Peterson took us onboard for a video tour. He pointed out the various pieces of testing equipment, such as the giant water tanks in the front and back of the cabin, and a cone-shaped apparatus that is suspended from the tail of the airplane.