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Installing a brand new interior

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Building the new Boeing Sky Interior

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Major cabin makeover sets new standard for passenger comfort in the single-aisle market.

1st 737 Boeing Sky Interior unveiled

It's not a slight upgrade, but a major makeover, with new stowage bins; new sidewalls; a new lighting system; new ceiling panels; new air vents; new passenger service units; and a new flight attendant panel.

Boeing Sky Interior

Boeing/Bernard Choi

The new Boeing Sky Interior offers a greater sense of space in the cabin.

In delivering the first Next-Generation 737 outfitted with the Boeing Sky Interior to flydubai, Boeing has set the new standard for style and comfort in the single-aisle jetliner market.

"We are very proud to be the first to offer our passengers an enhanced onboard experience with the brand new Boeing Sky Interior," said Ghaith Al Ghaith, CEO, flydubai.

Flydubai is one of 45 airlines and leasing companies that have ordered 1,180 airplanes with the refreshed interior. That represents about half of Boeing's 737 backlog.

Malaysia Airlines, Jetairfly, Continental Airlines, and Norwegian Air Shuttle are the next carriers to take delivery of a 737 with the Boeing Sky Interior.

Boeing Sky Interior


For perspective, this is the existing interior for the Next-Generation 737.

All these airlines will be able to welcome their passengers into a more open cabin that features modern, sculpted sidewalls and window reveals. There will be more room for carry-on bags in the new, larger stow bins. At the same time, those bins take up less space as they sweep up toward the ceiling.

Along the ceiling, passengers will notice the new LEDs (light emitting diodes) that are brighter and can portray different color schemes like a soft blue sky and a relaxing pallet of sunset colors.

The new lights are also longer-lasting and more energy efficient, with an estimated 40,000 hour life between replacements. This compares with 4,000 hours for the previous standard of lights.

"Our airline customers will draw greater value from the superior passenger experience and from the many practical improvements we have made in the new design," said Beverly Wyse, 737 vice president and general manager.

"We are very proud to be the first to offer our passengers an enhanced onboard experience with the brand new Boeing Sky Interior."
Ghaith Al Ghaith, CEO, flydubai.

Other new features that passengers will feel are a quieter cabin, intuitive placement of switches and call buttons, and improved sound quality and clarity through new speakers in each passenger row.

Boeing Sky Interior


Maarten Kluit, a 6-foot, 3-inch (1.9m) tall Boeing sales manager stands in the aisle seat of the first 737 Boeing Sky Interior.

Boeing engineers came up with these improvements after extensive surveys of passengers as to what they prefer onboard an airplane. The improvements follow a long line of continuous innovation of the Next-Generation 737 airplane since it was introduced in 1997.

Next up is a package of performance improvements that respond to customer requests for even great fuel-efficiency. Engineers have modified parts of the 737 airframe that, along with engine improvements, will reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions by 2 percent.

The Boeing Test & Evaluation team will soon begin flight test and certification of the changes and they will be fully in service by early 2012.