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Boeing surveillance system to protect Pennsylvania waterway

In the Philadelphia area, the Delaware River runs close to many of Pennsylvania’s industrial areas, including refineries, an interstate highway, the Philadelphia International Airport and major railroad lines. The importance of protecting these assets has never been greater.

Boeing was recently awarded a multiyear contract by Delaware County to provide an integrated surveillance system for the Delaware River’s north segment, and work on the $4.4 million contract has already begun.

Boeing will develop and install a suite of surveillance and monitoring systems to detect potential threats to key resources on the river. Implementation will focus on areas near the Commodore Barry Bridge, the historic Marcus Hook borough and Hog Island. The company will be responsible for the design, procurement, installation, integration, testing and maintenance of the system, as well as training law enforcement and emergency services personnel in its use.

Delaware County Council Chairman Jack Whelan said the Commodore Barry Bridge accommodates more than 35,000 vehicles crossing the river daily, which “accentuates the importance of ensuring the security and safety of the county’s waterfront.”

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