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The way Boeing is conducting the demolition of the Plant 2 buildings in Seattle reflects its commitment to the environment.

A unique renovation project

The demolition of the historic Plant 2 buildings in Seattle is not your typical project: There's no wrecking ball swinging through the 1.6 million square feet of factory space that’s been scarcely usable for the last 40 years.

Instead, the buildings are being carefully taken apart, section by section, piece by piece, so that 86 percent of the material can be reused or recycled. This includes approximately 10,000 tons of structural steel, 100,000 tons of concrete and 900 tons of precious, old-growth timber.

Simultaneously, Boeing is cleaning up from past practices and restoring more than half a mile of shoreline along the Duwamish Waterway to its natural habitat. There is also a new stormwater treatment system in development that will remove any contaminants from the stormwater before discharging it into the waterway.

Watch the video to learn how Boeing employees are working toward the above goals.