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Boeing announces Boeing Edge, sets a new standard for aviation services

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If you were to spend a typical day with Tom Morris, you would get a glimpse inside a world most don't see. As a Boeing Field Service Representative, stationed in Singapore, he is tasked with making sure that airline customer Singapore Airlines has what it needs to keep its fleet of Boeing airplanes flying.

"We are the frontline coordinator for everything that happens between this airline and Boeing. We are coordinating all of the technical items and communicating all of those issues back to Seattle," says Morris as he sits at a desk surrounded by models of the airplanes he's worked with over the years.

For 25 years Morris has worked to forge critical relationships for Boeing and its customers around the world. Recently assigned to Singapore Airlines, he is but one of many in a global network of specialists who work in material, fleet, flight and information services.

Morris says it's a big equation that has generated a lot of knowledge. That knowledge from right here in Singapore and across Boeing provides an edge in the aviation services market - the "Boeing Edge."

At the 2012 Singapore Airshow Boeing officially unveiled a new service mark called Boeing Edge. In addition, the company announced that Singapore Airlines and Boeing had reached an agreement to extend the GoldCare program to the airlines' 747-400 freighters.

Senior vice president of Boeing Commercial Aviation Services, Lou Mancini says an airlines' decision to enhance its operations through the GoldCare program will allow them to focus on other things. "The maintenance of the airplane is a huge back shop activity. We bring the best support for the airplane, which alleviates that burden from our customers."

Morris agrees and says the concept is fairly simple. "Boeing Edge is sort of like a one-stop shop for the airline. They will bring their business needs to us and we will have the solutions they are looking for. Solutions that match those needs."

For an air carrier such as Singapore Airlines, based in one of the busiest international transport hubs, focusing on marketing, service expansion and ultimately the passenger are key. For Singapore Airlines and others like it, Mancini says Boeing Edge will bring a true market advantage and enhance airlines' bottom line - something of interest to airlines in the booming Southeast Asia region.

"Asia is a fantastic growth market for all industries. This will be a fabulous opportunity for Boeing, who is in the best position to support all different kinds of business models with services that are tailored to each one of those models."

Now that the suite of Boeing field services has a name Tom Morris can better deliver the Boeing Edge to the Boeing fleet based at Changi International Airport. He has high hopes for the new service mark. After all, if projections for the global commercial aviation services market hold, in 20 years it will be a 2.3 trillion dollar industry.