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The Medal of Honor.

It was born during the nation's greatest divide – the Civil War – and endures today as a symbol of the ultimate act of courage in the U.S. military.

Its name is synonymous with heroism, bravery, sacrifice and going beyond the call of duty.

On Sunday, March 25, our nation will celebrate Medal of Honor Day, where those who received it are remembered and thanked. Their stories are gripping accounts of war and sacrifice for their fellow soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines and coastguardsmen. Boeing veteran-employees share five citations in the video above, as a tribute to those who have earned their nation’s highest honor.

To see more of these stories, as told by Medal of Honor recipients themselves, we encourage you to visit the Medal of Honor: Oral Histories page on YouTube to hear about the split-second life-and-death decisions that stand out as testaments to the courage, bravery and sacrifice of all who serve.