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Boeing rides for wounded airmen in the Air Force Cycling Classic

It’s tough to come home after combat, and even tougher when a service member returns home injured. This year’s Air Force Cycling Classic supported the Wounded Airmen Initiative, the newest program of the Air Force Association that helps wounded airmen transition back into civilian life. The funds raised will be used to provide supplies based on the specific needs of each individual.

More than 2,000 bikers of all skill levels showed up in Crystal City, Va. early in the morning on June 10, to ride in the Air Force Cycling Classic in support of this worthy cause. In addition to being a presenting sponsor, Boeing had a team of more than 30 cyclists participate who also raised money for the event. The scenic course took riders downtown Crystal City and up to the Air Force Memorial. The Classic included several races for professionals, amateurs and even children.

To read more about the Wounded Airmen initiative or to contribute, please visit: