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Marian Lockhart/Boeing


737 -- world's most popular commercial jetliner -- tops 10,000 orders

The 737 program has reached another historic milestone - more than 10,000 orders since the program began in 1967. A United Airlines order for 150 737 airplanes boosted the count total to the record number.

The 737 is the only commercial jetliner ever to reach this order milestone.

"The 10,000th order is so important for our employees because it demonstrates what their innovation can do over the life of a program," said Beverly Wyse, 737 vice president and general manager.

"I've been here through 7 models, from the -200s all the way up to the current model," said Thomas Hadley, 737 Interiors manager. "Amazing. Simply amazing. I had no idea that it would ever reach to that point."

United's order included 100 737 MAX airplanes. The MAX, currently in development, is the future of the 737 program.

For Boeing and its heritage companies, the last airplanes to have over 10,000 orders were during World War II. With this milestone the 737 joins a very elite group of airplanes that includes the legendary B-17 Flying Fortress and P-51 Mustang.