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Evergreen International Airlines' Boeing 747 Converted Freighter takes off into the sky over Xiamen, China

In 2004 Boeing began the option of converting 747-400 passenger planes into a freighters. Eight short years later, the company is celebrating a major milestone:  just last month Oregon-based Evergreen International Airlines took re-delivery of Boeing's 50th 747 Converted Freighter.

The converted freighter offers a number of unique features Evergreen will utilize to make its business stronger. “Payload, range are just two [features]. The value over all is the most important part,” said Evergreen International Airlines President, Jim Wheeler.

Evergreen International Airlines provides air cargo transportation and charter services for customers such as major airlines and the U.S. Government. It is also well-known for its Boeing 747 Supertanker, a converted 747-100, which is used around the world for firefighting missions. With continued success, Evergreen hopes to be part of the next 50 converted freighters.

“I think you will see us acquiring a few more in the very near future”, said Wheeler.