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Boeing Classic 2012: Golfing for a good cause

It’s not often Boeing employees get a chance to hang out with golf legends.

But that’s exactly what Lance Akutsu got to do at this year’s Boeing Classic.

“The average public doesn't realize that these variables come into play as these gentlemen calculate how they hit the ball,” says Akutsu.

Lance is volunteering his time helping out at the driving range during this year’s Classic. He is among 265 current and former Boeing employees giving their time at the Boeing Classic. Since 2005, volunteers have helped the Classic raise over 3.7 million dollars, supporting research at Virginia Mason Medical Center and other local charities.

Happy Leonard began giving her time at the Boeing Classic six years ago when she and her husband, Mike, were looking for volunteer opportunities they could do together. Mike lost his battle with ALS in 2010, but Happy’s tradition of volunteering lives on.

“It is enjoyable. You get to know everybody and they are like family. And they knew Mike had been; they were all here with open arms when I came back. So it felt good.”

So whether you’re a fan of golf, airplanes, or volunteering, the 2012 Boeing Classic has proven to be yet another success.

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