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Bigger, better bins

If you had to name one consistent innovation among Boeing commercial airplanes, there's a good chance you would mention stowbins. From the 737's Boeing Sky Interior to the ultra-spacious 747-8 Intercontinental, the form and function of the new bin design is paying big dividends.

“The customers have been asking for something a little different. We wanted to freshen up our interior so we could offer something totally different.” says 737 Stowbins Lead, Lawrence Meek.

The stowbins have not only increased luggage space, but created more room in the cabin.

“Before the shelf bucket came way out into the aisle. The bin bucket is tucked way up inside,” says Steve Handran of Boeing Commercial Airplane Interiors. It's that combination of efficiency and innovation that's resulted in hundreds of planes already flying with the new bins. “You can see that Boeing brand. There's nothing else like it.”