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Fierce and dependable

Apache helicopter


As dependable as it is fierce, the Apache helicopter surpasses 3.5 million fight hours.

The Boeing-built Apache attack helicopter is a mighty aircraft, but its most recent milestone -- surpassing 3.5 million flight hours -- proves it’s as dependable as it is fierce.

The U.S. Army’s aviation program office said the Apache reached the milestone in June, nearly 30 years after the first Apache went into operation.

“Achieving and surpassing 3.5 million flight hours is a very significant milestone for the Apache, and I am incredibly proud of the soldiers who fly and maintain this helicopter,” said Col. Jeff Hager, Apache project manager for the Army.

Apaches have been a workhorse in every conflict that America has been involved in since the 1980s. The newest and most advanced Apache, the AH-64D Apache Block III, features composite main rotor blades, a composite stabilator, 701D engines with an enhanced digital electronic control unit, and an improved drive system that enhances the rotorcraft’s performance.

“The Boeing Apache team congratulates U.S. Army Aviation soldiers on achieving -- and going beyond -- the 3.5 million flight hour mark,” said David Koopersmith, vice president of Boeing Attack Helicopter Programs. “Boeing is proud to provide its customers with helicopters that are relevant to their stated needs and ready to accomplish the mission.”