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Neil Armstrong 1930-2012

Neil Armstrong with the North American X-15 in 1963


Neil Armstrong with the North American X-15 in 1963.

In just over a month the world lost two pioneers in human space flight, Sally Ride and Neil Armstrong.

Today, Boeing is remembering both, by recognizing and honoring their legacies. Members of the Commercial Crew Program, who are developing America’s next space capsule, CST-100, share their memories of Armstrong and talk about his influence on their lives.

Melanie Weber-Gonzales, and engineer on the CST-100 program said, “While I wasn’t there to witness him stepping on the moon for the first time, he was a major impact on my life. Along with the other Apollo, Gemini and Mercury astronauts and all of the engineers that made it happen, they are the reason why I decided to pursue a career in space exploration.”

In an “As We See It” column honoring the two astronauts, Dennis Muilenburg, Boeing Defense, Space & Security president and CEO wrote, “Throughout their lives, Armstrong and Ride educated and inspired generations of young people to become engineers, scientists, test pilots and astronauts.

“The loss of these two pioneers reminds of us of their amazing and important contributions to aviation, space exploration and pushing the boundaries of human achievement. As we reflect on their lives and legacies, we are reminded that so much of what still inspires us today is the dedication, commitment and courage of those who came before us. They reached for the stars and achieved what no one had done before; and to this we also aspire.”

To read the entire statement, go here.

News story from the North American Rockwell News in 1969


The news story from the North American Rockwell News in 1969 following Neil Armstrong's and Mike Collins' visit to North American facilities in Southern California, seven weeks after their lunar journey.

News story from the North American Rockwell News in 1969






















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