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Girl Scouts take on robots at Boeing in St. Louis

Girl Scouts get up close with a miniature robot

Chamila Jayaweera/Boeing

Girl Scouts get up close with a miniature robot Boeing engineers brought in to the session.

Many students and teachers headed back to school recently, after enjoying the time off during their summer break. But some youngsters and educators spent their summer brushing up on career opportunities in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) related fields.

Education Relations focals with The Boeing Company look for opportunities to work with students and teachers to get them more informed and interested in STEM activities, and also ensure a healthy future work force for its operations.

The Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri had a chance to do just that when Boeing engineers gave them a fun-filled introduction to robots and robotics. Many students jumped at the chance to operate the robots, and others agreed robotic engineering sounded like a fascinating career choice.

Teachers were also given the opportunity to find out more about STEM-related career choices that exist for students, when they attended a conference at the St. Louis site hosted by Boeing.

“I will certainly have plenty of material to take back with me into the classroom!” one teacher commented at the end of the session.