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A Year in the Blue premieres at AFA

Dennis Muilenburg, Boeing Defense, Space & Security President and CEO, spoke with the Air Force Academy's superintendent about A Year in the Blue and the importance of developing leaders.

On the U.S Air Force’s 65th birthday, Sept. 18, a Boeing sponsored documentary “A Year in the Blue” premiered at the annual Air Force Association Space and Technology conference and exposition. All AFA conference attendees were invited to see a 23-minute condensed version of the two-hour movie that follows Air Force cadets through the first year of their four-year journey at the prestigious military academy.

During opening remarks, Academy Superintendent, Lt. Gen. Michael Gould, class of 1976, thanked Boeing. “Three years ago we partnered with Boeing, understanding that what we do at our Center for Character and Leadership Development aligns with what Boeing is doing at its Boeing Leadership Center.” said Gould.  “I would like to thank those at Boeing for their commitment, and everyone involved, that fulfilled our vision of making a movie that tells the story of your Air Force Academy.”

The feature-length documentary is undergoing final editing.