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Delivering Relief

The moments before an airline flies away with a new Boeing 787 is always exciting. But for Boeing and Ethiopian Airlines, some unique cargo is making this flight a little more special. Special, because that cargo is nearly 20 thousand pounds of much needed medical equipment headed to Ethiopia’s largest hospital.

Since 2010 Seattle Anesthesia Outreach has been part of an ongoing volunteer effort to bring updated equipment and training to Black Lion Hospital in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Boeing partnered with Ethiopian Airlines to have the airline’s delivery flight double as a humanitarian aid mission. It’s all part of Boeing’s Humanitarian Delivery Flights program.

Dr. Julian Judelman of SAO says the goodwill of Boeing and Ethiopian Airlines means the world to his organization. “For doctors here in Seattle to get involved in a project in Ethiopia, half a world away, where the need is so huge is just tremendous. Everyone who's been on one of our projects has come back just so thrilled to participate. And they're all looking forward to going back again.”