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Celebrating in the sky

A day at Boeing Field in Seattle proved to be a rare treat for 142 United Airlines employees. “I’ll be bragging all week long,” said Rob Daniel, who works at United Airlines corporate safety. Daniel and the other United employees were nominated by their co-workers to be on board the airline’s second 787 as part of a celebratory flight from Seattle to Chicago.

United is the first North American airline to take delivery of the Boeing 787. They started temporary domestic service on Nov. 4 with its Dreamliners. The airline plans to launch its Denver-to-Tokyo route next year.

But as the 787 sped towards Chicago, most were focused on savoring the moment. Flight attendants provided VIP service while their colleague-passengers snapped photos documenting the experience. Among the passengers on board were five Boeing employees. Charlene Boys, a systems engineer for Commercial Aviation Services, was happy just to experience the moment. “The cabin, everything about it is amazing,” she said. “Better than anything I've ever seen in the industry in 20 years.”

Boys says now that she has gotten a taste of the Dreamliner travel experience, she’s eager to experience a 787 during an international flight. She also had a message for her co-workers at Boeing. “Get on this airplane and fly it,” she insists. “Everything about it is pretty darn amazing!”

United is the first airline in North America to take delivery, continuing an historic partnership with Boeing that began more than 80 years ago. Re-live this partnership here.