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Boeing Runners and Volunteers Support Army Ten-Miler, Marine Corps Marathon

Marines hand out orange slices to runners along the route of the Marine Corps Marathon Oct. 28 in Arlington, Va.


Marines hand out orange slices to runners along the route of the Marine Corps Marathon Oct. 28 in Arlington, Va.

It took a lot of mental and physical strength for Brian Beaulac to run the Army Ten-Miler and Marine Corps Marathon over back-to-back weekends in October. But the Boeing Defense, Space & Security manager had a bigger picture in mind in achieving the grueling tasks.

“They’re both great events in support of the troops and their families,” Beaulac said. “So it’s a great cause and a great opportunity for Boeing to show support for both the Army and the Marine Corps.”

Several dozen Boeing employees participated in the two races, including a group that, like Beaulac, ran both. Boeing expanded its support of the events in 2012, becoming a major sponsor and organizing official company running teams. Boeing employees also staffed a refreshment station along the marathon route, providing water and orange slices to help the runners along.

Each race includes about 30,000 participants and takes place among some of the most famous landmarks in the Washington D.C. area. The connection to the U.S. Army and Marine Corps is unmistakable, with some members of the military even running “in full ruck” -- in uniform and wearing heavy backpacks. The races also were reminders that there are still members of the U.S. military in harm’s way today, with groups of wounded warriors leading off both races.

The military connection was especially meaningful to Boeing employee Nick Abramczyk, who said the pain of running the distance in both races was nothing, considering what members of the U.S. military do for all Americans.

“It pales in comparison to the sacrifice that men and women make every single day in our armed services 365 days a year,” said Abramczyk. “It’s absolutely incredible.”