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Boeing supports medical clinics in St. Louis

Students, school leaders and dignitaries gather for the ribbon cutting opening Mercy Clinic at Roosevelt High School

St. Louis public schools

Students, school leaders and dignitaries gather for the Mercy Clinic ribbon cutting at Roosevelt High School in St. Louis.

Boeing leaders hope a recent donation will bring about some big changes. The donation went toward establishing a medical clinic at Roosevelt High School and expanding the JFK Clinic at Mercy Hospital in St. Louis.

The investment -- one of many across the country -- is expected to help in a variety of ways. The school clinic is expected to improve attendance, give at-risk students a chance at overcoming health problems and get a better education.

The newly expanded JFK Clinic will give doctors and nurses a chance to treat more patients and spend more time with them.

“We can’t be a world class company without being world class in the communities we live in,” George Roman, State & Local Government Operations vice president and St. Louis Regional Executive said.

Watch the video and learn more.