2009 Environment Report Boeing
carbon-dioxide Emissions

Reductions in carbon dioxide emissions result from our reduced energy consumption. Boeing reduced absolute CO2 emissions in 2008, and has reduced our CO2 emissions on a revenue-adjusted basis by 22.1 percent since 2002.* And we will continue to reduce emissions to support our five-year goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions intensity 25 percent from 2008 to 2012.

In this report, Boeing uses measurements of electricity consumption and natural gas use (and fuel oil from our Philadelphia operations, the only significant fuel oil user) to calculate carbon dioxide emissions from major U.S. facilities. This year, we expanded the scope to include five additional U.S. sites. This method allows us the most consistent and accurate way to measure targets and performance improvements. The energy consumption at those facilities in 2008 resulted in 1.29 million metric tons of CO2.

Boeing will later in 2009 disclose an estimate of more comprehensive carbon dioxide emissions and energy use figures under the scope of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP7).

*2008 reductions in CO2 emissions reflect both improved operational performance and also reduced production demands due to the IAM work stoppage in Washington, Oregon and Kansas.