2009 Environment Report Boeing
Commitment to Remediation

Boeing is committed to doing its part to clean up locations affected by past business operations.

Protecting human health and the environment in the communities where we operate remains our top priority. We are engaged and play a leadership role with local communities, remediation professionals and regulatory authorities to find the best cleanup solutions and conduct our work in an open and transparent manner.

Santa Susana is a site of great natural, cultural and historic significance. Located in Southern California, the facility was home to nuclear energy research as well as rocket engine testing that supported virtually every major space program in U.S. history, from the earliest satellite launches to the space shuttle.

The focus at Santa Susana has moved from production and maintenance to remediation and demolition, and under regulatory oversight, Boeing is committed to an effective clean-up that protects the health of the community. We continue to meet our commitments and submit agency-required work plans and reports on schedule. More than 25 key compliance deliverables were submitted in 2008, including work plans, investigative reports and data summaries.

Managing storm water runoff from the site continues to be a priority and in 2008 Boeing reported 97 percent compliance on more than 1,500 water quality standard analyses. Corrective actions have already been put into place, including the improvement of existing storm water treatment systems and pilot testing of advanced water treatment technologies. We will continue to explore other alternatives to ensure full compliance.

Boeing is continuing to work with government agencies, community organizations and conservation groups on a land use plan that would preserve Santa Susana as open space and serve the public for future generations. As protected open space, Santa Susana will provide a link to the wildlife corridor that connects the Sierra Madres to the Santa Monica Mountains and the Pacific Ocean.

We have also made progress in our efforts to finalize cleanup plans for the Duwamish Waterway in Washington State. Boeing continues to work closely with local, state and federal agencies, local community groups and tribes to develop cleanup plans. While this work is taking place, we have been aggressively cleaning up sources of potential contaminants from our historic operations in adjacent areas.

Boeing continued to make significant progress on other remediation programs in 2008. Highlights included employing innovative in situ cleanup technologies and achieving major milestones in soil and groundwater cleanup at several projects in California. Steady progress was made at numerous other sites with the achievement of intermediate milestones that will ultimately lead to completion of investigation and cleanup activities at these sites.