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Boeing - 2009 Environmental Report

CEO Message
Message from Jim McNerney
Message from Mary Armstrong
Pioneering Technologies
Environmentally Progressive Products and Services
Air Transportation Systems
Alternative Energy Solutions
Research and Development
Our Environmental and Climate Change Policies
Environment, Health and Safety Organization
Commitment to Remediation
Performance Targets
Supplier Collaboration
Environmental Management
Operational Performance
Energy Conservation
Carbon-dioxide Emissions
Water Conservation
Manufacturing Waste and Recycling
Toxic Release Inventory
Environmental Awards
Community Investment
Boeing Environmental Philanthropy
Boeing-Sponsored Employee Volunteerism

Creating a better future

Boeing has set a clear strategy to take action on protecting our eco-system. CEO Jim McNerney's message highlights that strategy. Read more.

Pioneering new technologies

As a technology leader, Boeing's greatest contribution to protecting our ecosystems is to pioneer environmentally progressive products and services. Read more.

Measuring Our Progress

Boeing is expanding its commitment to the ISO 14001 environmental management system standard to every major manufacturing site in 2008, increasing our ability to improve our performance. Read more.

Reducing our environmental footprint

Boeing is working to aggressive five-year targets to improve energy efficiency and recycling, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and waste at our operations. Read more.