2009 Environment Report Boeing
Performance Targets

Boeing is working to a clear five-year environmental performance plan at our operations, building on the significant reductions in energy consumption and hazardous waste we have already achieved. In 2008, we established aggressive targets to improve energy efficiency, greenhouse gas emissions intensity and recycling rates 25 percent by 2012 at our major manufacturing facilities, with a comparable goal for hazardous waste reduction. This equates to an absolute 1 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, hazardous waste and energy use and an improvement in recycling rates from about 60 percent to 75 percent of solid waste. While aggressive, these targets are achievable and will ensure that we hold down waste and emissions.

2008 was the first year in our five-year plan, and we are on track to achieve these targets. In fact, we increased our recycling rates from 58 percent to 64 percent in 2008, outperforming our one-year plan. We also outperformed our 2008 plan for the remaining targets, performing approximately 24 percent better than plan for hazardous waste generation and approximately 2 percent better than plan for energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions.* We are continuing to drive environmental thinking and action into every facet of our business to help us achieve these aggressive goals.

Our commitment to environmental stewardship extends beyond our operations to our products. Boeing Commercial Airplanes has committed to continue our dedication to environmental design innovation by:

*2008 performance reflects both improved operational performance and also reduced production demands due to the IAM work stoppage in Washington, Oregon and Kansas.