2009 Environment Report Boeing
Supplier Collaboration

Boeing's commitment to environmental stewardship extends beyond our products and our own manufacturing processes. Our life-cycle view seeks environmental improvement through all stages of our product's life — beginning with our suppliers, through in-service use, all the way to end-of-life recycling or recovery.

Boeing is creating a more systematic program of collaboration and engagement between our company and our suppliers in the area of environmental protection.

As a frequent sponsor and participant in many industry forums, Boeing encourages the sharing of ideas and actions that help the environment. We are now increasing these efforts in two ways:

To supplement this collaboration, Boeing will be reinforcing its encouragement of suppliers to align their activities with Boeing's strategic environmental direction. Far from a one-size-fits-all approach, Boeing will use supplier data and supply-base analysis to shape a program that is adaptable to the diversity inherent in our global supply base. Two primary facets of this strategy will focus on:

Boeing continues to hold, as a basic expectation, that our suppliers will conduct their business in a responsible way, in accord with the laws, regulations and industry practices that govern them. But we are going a step further as we invite our suppliers to join us on our journey to develop and share better practices.