2009 Environment Report Boeing
Water Conservation

Boeing reduced water usage in 2008 and has reduced water consumption by 40.7 percent since 2002 by aggressively implementing improvements in our production processes and building systems equipment.* We chartered a Water Conservation team to lead our improvement efforts, implemented major water reduction projects ranging from total wastewater and steam condensate recycling to rinse water reduction, and outfitted our newly constructed and renovated buildings with low-flow toilets, faucet aerators and auto-off faucets. These efforts are leading to significant reductions in consumption; for example, our El Segundo, California, site completed a water conservation project expected to save approximately 870,000 gallons of water each year by installing motion-activated faucets, dual-flushometer toilets and associated valves. And we will continue to pursue further improvements in this important area.

*2008 reductions in water consumption reflect both improved operational performance and also reduced production demands due to the IAM work stoppage in Washington, Oregon and Kansas.