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Each year Boeing places a strong emphasis on recognizing supplier performance excellence through the Supplier of the Year award, which is Boeing's premier recognition for our global supply chain partners who demonstrate distinguished performance in quality, affordability and reliability in 16 different categories.

This year, 16 companies and one academic institution were honored with the prestigious awards for their work in 2012 at a ceremony in San Diego on April 18, 2013. View the vignettes below to learn more about each of the winning organizations, and click here for more information about the event and Supplier of the Year award.


Avionics; Electronics/Hydraulics/Mechanical; Major Structures; Outside Manufacturing; Propulsion; Common Aerospace Commodities; Interiors; Aerospace Support; Non-Production/Shared Services Group; Technology; Diversity; International

"Leaders Choice" categories:

  1. Advantage — Provides competitive advantage by exceeding cost performance goals and objectives for service providers.
  2. Academia — Outstanding performance by a University, Institute of Higher Education, and Non-Profit Research Institution partnered with Boeing.
  3. Pathfinder — Outstanding efforts and/or performance improvements during the year.
  4. Alliance — Contributes to Boeing's success through long-term relationship providing unique capability, instrumental in the introduction of new products, risk sharing partner.