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Phantom Eye Demonstrator
Boeing’s Phantom Eye demonstrator is a high altitude, long endurance unmanned air vehicle designed to fly at 65,000 feet for up to four days without refueling. This “green vehicle” burns hydrogen in internal combustion engines to achieve transformational endurance and high altitude performance, while dramatically reducing operational costs when compared to current systems. As flight testing continues, the demonstrator continues to pave the way for the operational Phantom Eye aircraft, which will be capable of up to 10 days of endurance and payloads of more than 2,000 pounds. Phantom Eye will provide a transformational leap in affordable, efficient access to the stratosphere for intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, communications and environmental sensing missions.
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Phantom Eye Demonstrator
Experience Boeing's Phantom Eye unmanned aircraft complete its first autonomous flight at NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center at Edwards Air Force Base, Calif.
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