Executive Commitment
W. James McNerney, Jr.


"A major source of Boeing's strength is our people and the range of perspectives they bring to creating innovative aerospace products and services for our customers worldwide. We are just as committed to continuous improvement in diversity and inclusion as we are to continuous improvement in our business performance. Each fuels the other."

Jim McNerney
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, The Boeing Company


Raymond L. Conner (Neg#: K64189)

"The talents and perspectives of a diverse team enable us to solve complex problems and create innovative solutions for our customers. Embracing our differences makes us better people -- and it makes Boeing a stronger and more successful company."

Ray Conner
Vice Chairman, The Boeing Company
President, and Chief Executive Officer, Boeing Commercial Airplanes

Wanda Denson-Low

"An open culture ensures diversity, inclusion, ethics and integrity, which in turn results in stronger employee engagement and performance."

Wanda K. Denson-Low
Senior Vice President, Office of Internal Governance, The Boeing Company

Dennis Muilenburg

"Our customers depend on our best solutions, so we must fully tap the ideas of all our teammates. Everyone's ideas count. Everyone is included. That's fundamental to our People First strategy. At its core, it's about how much we value our teammates' ideas and efforts to support our customers."

Dennis Muilenburg
Vice Chairman, President and Chief Operating Officer, The Boeing Company

Tony Parasida

"To compete effectively as a global company, we must be able to draw on the diverse perspectives and experiences of all our employees. Recognizing diversity—all elements of it—is a key component of our business strategy, as well as how we define success for our company and ourselves."

Tony Parasida
Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Administration, The Boeing Company

Greg Smith

"Valuing diversity is the right thing to do and it truly drives business performance. In a globally competitive environment, success depends on results that can only come from a culture that values our differences and capitalizes on them."

Greg Smith
Executive Vice President, The Boeing Company
Chief Financial Officer, The Boeing Company

John Tracy

"Boeing achieves technological advancements because we have diverse teams who bring unique and varied perspectives to designing and building our amazing aerospace products and services."

John Tracy
Chief Technology Officer, The Boeing Company
Senior Vice President, Engineering, Operations & Technology