Diversity Councils & Affinity Groups

Diversity Councils

Diversity Councils are integrated groups of site leaders, managers and employees who work to improve employee engagement, provide learning and leadership opportunities, increase communication, and facilitate implementation of organizational diversity plans. Diversity councils are supported by a local "executive champion." Boeing has more than 40 Diversity Councils.

Affinity Groups

Affinity groups are employee-led associations designed to further personal and professional development, promote diversity within the company and strengthen networking. The members share a common interest, such as race, gender or cultural identity. The seven affinity groups collectively have more than 80 local chapters:

  • Boeing American Indian Society
  • Boeing Asian-American Professional Association
  • Boeing Black Employees Association
  • Boeing Employees Ability Awareness Association
  • Boeing Employees Veterans Association
  • Boeing Association of Gay, Lesbian, Bi, Transgender Employees & Friends
  • Boeing Hispanic Employees Network
  • Boeing Women in Leadership

Affinity groups are supported by a local Diversity representative. Membership is open to all employees.