Diversity and inclusion are part of Boeing's values at the highest level. Having diverse employees, business partners and community relationships is vital to creating advanced aerospace products and services for our diverse customers around the world.

The company's commitment to diversity means providing a work environment for all employees that is welcoming, respectful and engaging, with opportunities for personal and professional development. This in turn increases productivity, quality, creativity and innovation.

Boeing has a formal, companywide diversity strategy, mission and goals, which guide a variety of internal programs and events. Our business excellence reaches new heights every day ... powered by Boeing people.

What's New

A feature story and a leadership message published in recent issues of Boeing's Frontiers magazine highlight the company's commitment to diversity and inclusion.


Dawn Stanfield-Scott (left) and Rosemary McLaughlin

Getting to know you
Boeing Philadelphia employees find fresh and often surprising ways to reach out to others.

Joyce Tucker

Diversity is who we are
Tapping into the strengths of all employees helps Boeing succeed.


Video: We are Diversity At Boeing

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