Programs & Events

Internal programs and events are designed to work together to support diversity and inclusion throughout the year. Key diversity programs and events include: training, heritage month commemorations, diversity summits and mentoring programs.

Training -- Training is offered on a wide range of topics including: awareness of cultural, gender and international sensitivities, avoiding stereotypes and micro-inequities, understanding generational differences, and how to positively impact culture change.

Heritage Month Commemorations -- Heritage month commemorations are held companywide to recognize and promote awareness about different cultures and experiences, to encourage employee involvement, and to develop a diverse and inclusive work environment.

Diversity Summits -- During the year, Boeing holds diversity summits that are designed to underscore Boeing's commitment to diversity and provide Boeing attendees with cutting-edge, skill-based training in diversity and EEO compliance.

Rex Sturdy and Twana Lee (Frontiers, Feb. 2007)

"I didn't limit myself to a mentor who looked or acted like me. I wanted a leader, like Rex, who could help me bring out my best in a challenging environment."
Twana Lee, Huntsville, AL who is working with mentor Rex Sturdy
(Frontiers, Feb. 2007)

Mentoring Programs -- Boeing has a companywide Mentoring Program at two levels: Enterprise Executive Mentoring (for executives and middle managers) and Enterprise Mentoring (for managers, team leaders and others), that include multicultural discussion tools.

Boeing provides a variety of other mentoring programs that are:

  • program-based,
  • job/profession-based, and
  • site-based,

as well as mentoring programs sponsored by Affinity Groups.

Recruiting -- Boeing has an active recruitment program to identify and attract diverse talent through college recruiting, as well as targeted diversity and professional recruiting. Activities include: hosting Boeing-sponsored job fairs, participating in events and conferences where potential candidates are located, on-campus recruiting at Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Minority Serving Institutions, and placing recruitment advertising in diverse media.