Duwamish Waterway

Plant 2 Sediment Cleanup and Habitat Restoration - 2012

Working with local communities for a healthier environment

Duwamish Plant 2 locationBoeing has been working with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Georgetown and South Park communities to finalize plans for cleaning up waterway sediments and restoring shoreline and wildlife habitat at the former Plant 2 site.

The cleanup will be an ambitious project, and with the community's cooperation and support, Boeing will transform the old World War II-era Plant 2 through sediment cleanup and habitat restoration in just a few short years.

  • The project meets the community's vision for reducing risks to human health while creating new fish and wildlife habitat.
  • More than 200,000 cubic yards of waterway contaminated sediments will be removed.
  • Nearly five acres of intertidal wetlands and wildlife habitat will be created.
  • More than 3,000 feet of natural shoreline will be created or restored.

Duwamish dredging

Construction Activities include:

  • Dredging sediment using state-of-the-art environmental dredging equipment mounted on waterway barges
  • Loading dredged material onto rail cars for transport to an approved landfill. Material may also be sent by truck to accommodate capacity.
  • Excavating, restoring and creating natural shoreline
  • Planting wildlife habitat vegetation

Being a good neighbor

An ambitious cleanup schedule will begin in late 2012, and Boeing will work with the local communities to minimize the impacts. To protect migrating fish, in-water work will be conducted continuously during limited times. The temporary 24/7 work schedule will shorten the construction time.

Duwamish - Before and After

Steps taken to ensure the project is successful and addresses local concerns include:

  • Project duration -the cleanup will occur during designated "construction-windows" when salmon are not migrating: around early August through mid-February.
  • Construction hours - to complete the work as quickly as possible, an ambitious work schedule will include operating up to 24 hours per day.
  • Lights - lights on the equipment and at the project site may be visible to some South Park residents across the waterway.
  • Traffic congestion - waterway barges and rail cars will be used for sediment transport. If trucks are used, designated truck routes will avoid residential streets, schools and parks.
  • Noise - Dredging equipment was selected with noise minimization as a factor.
  • Marine traffic and navigation - Signs, buoys and other navigational aids will be used to keep commercial and recreational boats away from in-water construction work zones.
  • Endangered salmon - work will occur during "construction windows" to minimize impacts to fish.
  • Construction monitoring - continuous monitoring will ensure compliance at all times.

We need your support!

Boeing is working with community leaders to help our neighbors understand the potential construction impacts. Helping us reach out and listen to resident and local business concerns are these community resources:

Environmental Coalition of South Seattle (ECOSS)
206-767-0432 www.ecoss.org

Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition (DRCC)
206-954-0218 www.duwamishcleanup.org

For More Information: Boeing Plant 2
Construction Hotline: 1-855-5Plant2