Santa Susana
Santa Susana photo

Santa Susana is located on 2,850 acres of land in the Simi Hills area of eastern Ventura County.

In addition to its spectacular natural beauty, the former field laboratory site is also the location of great biological, cultural and historical significance - including riparian woodlands, prehistoric pictographic art and rocket engine test stands.

The site is divided into four administrative areas which reflect its current ownership and past operations.

Past operations resulted in chemical and radiological contamination at Santa Susana. The investigation and cleanup phases for soil, surface water and groundwater contamination have been ongoing for decades and sampling has been performed at Santa Susana and in the surrounding communities.

Since acquiring our site in 1996, Boeing has made significant progress in our clean-up efforts, and we are moving toward our goal of preserving Santa Susana as open space.

This includes removing 50,000 cubic yards of contaminated soil and debris, analyzing more than 10,000 soil and groundwater samples for numerous chemical constituents, installing sophisticated storm water drainage controls at numerous locations and installing more than 400 groundwater monitoring wells on and off site.

The Boeing Company - under regulatory oversight by the California Department of Toxic Substances (DTSC) and Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Board - is committed to continuing to fulfill its responsibilities to clean up locations affected by past business operations.


DTSC has publicly recognized Boeing for meeting commitments and submitting agency-required work plans and reports on schedule.

Protecting human health and the environment in the communities where we live and work is one of Boeing's top priorities. Boeing is committed to an open, positive and constructive dialogue with our neighbors and other stakeholders.

Tours are held regularly to show the ongoing investigation and clean up activities at Santa Susana.