Santa Susana

Surface Water

Monitoring Locations

Outfall 011 Perimeter Pond

Outfall 11

Outfall 11 is the exit point of Perimeter Pond, one of the four major unlined ponds systems at the Santa Susana Field Laboratory. This location collects water from the eastern portion of the site and discharges into the southern undeveloped portion of the site where it flows through outfall 001 and then released offsite to Bell Canyon. Storm water flows from this outfall is estimated to be 3.7 million gallons per day for a 1 year, 24 hour storm event.

There are numerous upstream activities underway from this outfall to reduce sediment migration and improve water quality. These activities include:

  • Hydromulching
  • Covering of equipment
  • Cleaning of culverts
  • Placement of straw wattles and silt fences.

In addition there is a gravity fed flow through filtration unit at the discharge point. Current plans are also underway to install a system to pump and treat the pond water to further ensure water quality requirements are met.