Santa Susana

Surface Water

Monitoring Locations

Outfall 018 R2-A Pond

Outfall 18

Outfall 018 receives storm water form the western portion of Santa Susana Field Laboratory including any flow leaving the Silvernale pond. This outfall is located at the exit point of the R-2 pond. The estimated discharge from this Outfall is 5.9 million gallons per day for a 1 year, 24 hour storm event. There are several practices in place upstream from this location to improve water quality and reduce sediment loading.

Theses practices include:

  • Hydromulching
  • Covering of equipment
  • Cleaning of culverts
  • Placement of straw wattles and silt fences.

At the exit point of this pond is an advanced structural flow through treatment system consisting of eight parallel filter cells. Each filter cell is filled with sand, activated carbon and zeolite. Additionally, plans are underway to install at pre-filter to prevent clogging of the filter beds. This treated storm water is discharge to the southern undeveloped portion of the site where it is again sampled at outfall 2 and released to Bell Canyon.