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Boeing's Government Operations office is located in Arlington, VA, just outside of Washington D.C. and it serves the company in three main ways. It works with government officials and organizations that affect government decisions to protect and advance the company's interests, competitiveness and reputation; obtain support and resources; and shape public policy.

The office works with public officials across all levels of government -- federal, state, and local -- to carry out this mission. It also works with various third parties -- organizations such as think tanks, associations, public policy groups, international organizations, and consulting agencies.

While The Boeing Company at large creates world-class commercial and defense products, the Government Operations office provides the support needed from government to ensure the company’s success. For example, it works for fair trade practices, and reasonable levels of taxation and regulation so that Boeing can remain competitive in global markets and support U.S. economic growth and jobs.

In addition to these many functions, the office serves as a point of contact between the Washington D.C. community (government, third parties, and businesses) and the various divisions of The Boeing Company (BCA, BDS, BCC).

To learn more about what Boeing does with respect to important issues that affect us all such as education, energy & environment, and trade, browse through our public policy issues section.


Leo A. Brooks, Jr. Leo A. Brooks, Jr.
Vice President
Defense, Space & Security

Jeff S. Hofgard Jeff S. Hofgard
Vice President
International Operations and Policy

John ShankJohn Shank
Vice President
Federal Legislative Affairs

Stacey Dion Stacey Dion
Vice President
Corporate Public Policy

Stephanie JohnsonStephanie Johnson
Chief of Staff
Government Operations

Frank A. Silverio Frank A. Silverio

Jennifer Lowe Jennifer Lowe
Vice President
National Strategy and Engagement

Kathryn GreaneyKathryn Greaney
Vice President
OIG-Global Trade Controls

Stanley O. Roth Stanley O. Roth
Vice President
Boeing International

Richard Hauser Richard Hauser
Vice President
Assistant General Counsel

John SassamanJohn Sassaman
Ethics & Business Conduct

Miguel GonzalezMiguel Gonzalez
Human Resources

Gordon JohndroeGordon Johndroe
Vice President