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Policy Positions & Resources

Commercial Aviation: Boeing has been a leader in the commercial aviation field since its inception nearly one hundred years ago. Safety and technology innovation are our trademarks. We work with all levels of government to ensure that our products are competitive in a rapidly changing and increasingly challenging global environment that, at times, is an unlevel playing field.

Defense: Boeing is a proud partner of the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). We work together will all branches of the military to gain funding for vital defense programs, ensuring the health of America’s defense manufacturing industry and our nation’s armed forces.

Education: Here at Boeing we know the value of good education. We promote various educational initiatives throughout the country from mentoring and volunteer projects, to career fairs. Boeing is also a proud supporter of innovative programs such as STEM, which emphasizes science, technology, engineering and math.

Energy & Environment: As a company, we take great strides to improve the environmental performance of our products. From bio fuels to solar technology, we are aiming to produce competitive new products which significantly reduce their environmental impact. Our airplanes today produce 70% less carbon than jetliners of the 1960’s.

Financial Services: Boeing utilizes low risk financial instruments to manage cash, pay suppliers, and perform other routine transactions. We support a practical implementation of the Wall Street reform law that makes sense for the enterprise and for our shareholders.

Healthcare: Boeing is committed to providing high quality, affordable healthcare for our employees and their families. We strive to lower costs while increasing the quality of care through efforts like innovative delivery system reform. We support a practical implementation of the healthcare reform law that makes sense for our employers and for the enterprise.

Innovation & Competitiveness: Boeing has always been a company on the leading edge of innovation. We pride ourselves on being a trendsetter, introducing revolutionary products to the industry. The 787 Dreamliner is a perfect example, utilizing innovative composite materials which cut down on fuel consumption and noise levels, making an overall more pleasant travel experience.

Tax: Boeing supports comprehensive tax reform to ensure that U.S. companies like Boeing are more competitive in the global marketplace.

Trade: Exports are a vital part of the U.S. economy, and Boeing is proud to be one of the U.S.’s leading manufacturing exporters. Exports help create jobs and are an important means to spur the economy. As a company, we encourage fair international trade practices to ensure that we can operate on a level playing field with our competitors.