About the Contract

Boeing was awarded GSA PES Contract No. GS-23F-0183K in April 2000. Including options, the contract will be valid until April 2020.

The PES contract allows us to provide all resources including personnel, management, supplies, services, materials, equipment, facilities and transportation necessary for worldwide delivery of professional engineering services as specified in each task order.

Services specified in a task order may be performed at a Boeing facility or the ordering agencies' facility. The Government determines the contractor's task order type at task initiation, selecting from firm-fixed price for services with or without incentives, labor hours or time-and-materials. Each task uses the labor categories and the competitive, pre-negotiated ceiling rates in the contract.

Boeing's GSA PES schedule provides for services to be performed under three Primary Engineering Disciplines (PEDs), with hundreds of associated sub-disciplines or specialties. The schedule provides for services that span the engineering lifecycle, as represented by six Special Item Numbers (SINs) in the contract. The SINs are in a phased format, each representing a major lifecycle portion of an engineering requirement.