Electronics Technician

Functional Description: Provides technical expertise to maintain/solve problems on complex systems/equipment. Interprets manufactures reference and technical manuals. Performs preventive/corrective maintenance and quality control analysis. Conducts preventive and corrective maintenance of all antenna components. Provides technical supervision and training to lower level technicians. Systems may include but are not limited to electronic systems/equipment electromagnetic radiation (RF) spectrum communications systems; HF/MF/LF/VLF transmit/ receive antennas and tower structures.

Minimum Experience: This position typically requires one year of experience. See footnote below.

Minimum Education: Associate's degree or equivalent in a technical related field and knowledge of OSHA general safety standards and the proper care and usage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). See footnote below.

Note -- The following clarification applies to all labor categories: In some cases, the following will be considered in place of minimum education and experience: unique education; specialized experience, skills, knowledge, training, or certification; military training and/or experience; quality of experience; national recognition; or exceptional Grade Point Average. Related experience may be substituted for education. Education and experience requirements will be determined jointly by Boeing and the customer based on task requirements.