Engineering Support Staff

Functional Description: Assists in the planning and coordination of scheduling activities. Works with scheduling tools. Supports business and administrative activities, such as budgeting, manpower and resource planning, and financial reporting. Assists in the production of management plans, technical documents, and produces presentation graphics. Performs configuration management functions and other engineering support duties. Assists in organization, maintenance and use of project library. May provide office administration support.

Minimum Experience: This position typically requires two years of experience. See footnote below.

Minimum Education: Associate's degree or equivalent in Business, Management, Engineering or other related field. See footnote below.

Note -- The following clarification applies to all labor categories: In some cases, the following will be considered in place of minimum education and experience: unique education; specialized experience, skills, knowledge, training, or certification; military training and/or experience; quality of experience; national recognition; or exceptional Grade Point Average. Related experience may be substituted for education. Education and experience requirements will be determined jointly by Boeing and the customer based on task requirements.