GSA Contracts

The Boeing Company offers world-class services and products to our Government clients through our General Services Administration (GSA) Contracts.


Our GSA OASIS Contract offers a single integrated comprehensive solution for any federal government agency to acquire complex professional services. We stand ready to provide our award-winning professional services, processes and tools to our federal clients through the OASIS vehicle.

GSA Schedules:

Engineering Services:

World-class engineering skills, processes and tools are available through our GSA Professional Engineering Services (PES) Schedule, which offers a broad range of services in the disciplines of Electrical, Mechanical and Civil Engineering. Engineering support areas include Systems Engineering, Facilities Management, Logistics, and much more.

Information Technology Professional Services:

Our GSA Information Technology (IT) Professional Services Schedule offers a wide range of services that span the information system lifecycle. Information technology support areas include Computer Systems Analysis, Applications Engineering and Development, Network Engineering, and much more.

Information Technology Products:

Boeing also offers the Combat Survivor Evader Locator (CSEL) product line through our GSA IT Schedule.

Use of our GSA schedules offer the following benefits:

  • A Streamlined Procurement Process
  • Minimal Documentation
  • No FEDBIZOPPS Announcement
  • Broad Work Scope for Services
  • Pre-Negotiated Fair and Reasonable Pricing
  • No Maximum Order Value

Our three-contract structure allows us to apply the right skills and the latest technology to solve the Federal Government's support needs.

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