Aircraft Financial Services
Boeing Capital Corp. - Aircraft Financial Services

The Boeing Company has incorporated financial services as a key element of its strategy. Boeing Capital Corporation supports this strategy by creating new dimensions in financial solutions for its commercial aircraft customers. Boeing Capital's Aircraft Financial Services group assists customers in structuring efficient financing solutions for Boeing Commercial Airplanes products and services. This includes financial alternatives and advice in support of bundled solutions for all Boeing products and services, including spare parts, modification and freighter conversions.

As an asset-based financier, the Aircraft Financial Services group, led by Tim Myers, vice president and general manager, specializes in arranging creative finance and lease structures, managing technical assets, and offering a broad range of financing options and solutions including:

  • Operating leases
  • Finance leases
  • Leveraged leasing
  • Sale/leasebacks
  • Freighter conversion finance
  • Long- and short-term financing
  • Secured loans -- senior and subordinated
Aircraft Financial Services

Headquartered in Renton, Wash., the Aircraft Financial Services portfolio approximates US $3.5 billion and is comprised primarily of approximately 220 commercial airplanes. The group's experience and expertise in structuring commercial aircraft financing is coupled with detailed customer knowledge to address current financing requirements and to shape the future of aircraft finance. Their broad range of financial products is partnered with third-party aircraft capital to expand capital markets and increase the value and stability of aircraft investments.

This is done by ensuring that Boeing's product strategy, engineering, support and production discipline are responsive to aircraft investors. Through a comprehensive investor outreach program, Boeing Capital is capturing the financial community's requirements and ensuring that they understand the Boeing product strategy and the significant value discriminators that differentiate Boeing from its competition.

Working with commercial financial institutions, the group is proactively engaged with the U.S. Export-Import Bank and other export credit agencies to ensure availability of adequate and reasonably priced financing for developing customers and regions. Aircraft Financial Services is playing an integral role, along with the Aviation Working Group, in improving the global aircraft financing infrastructure and ratifying the Cape Town Treaty, which will improve the legal framework for international asset-based aircraft financing.

Boeing Capital Corp. - Aircraft Financial Services

What sets Boeing Capital apart from other finance companies is the tremendous benefits it can provide customers with an ability to leverage resources across all divisions of The Boeing Company. Additionally, as part of the world's largest aerospace company, Aircraft Financial Services possesses significant aircraft knowledge, and technical, pricing, credit, legal and tax expertise. With more than 40 years of financing, leasing and complex structure experience, Boeing Capital understands the requirements of its customer best.

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