Italy KC-767A

F15 being refueled by a 767 Tanker (Neg#: F15_767Tanker)

The Italy KC-767A Tanker Transport offers superior range, payload and offload capability, and will provide exceptional operational flexibility. The advanced aerial refueling boom is designed for NATO interoperability. The KC-767A tanker can refuel using either the most technically advanced boom system, wing tip air refueling pods, or centerline hose and drogue system. In addition, the KC-767A tanker features a proven, industry-standard refueling receptacle, making it capable of being refueled in flight for increased range.

Boeing is building four KC-767A tanker aircraft for Italy. On Dec. 29, 2010, Italy formally accepted the first Boeing KC-767A aerial refueling tanker. And on March 10, 2011, Italy formally accepted its second KC-767A tanker. The KC-767A tankers on March 17, 2011 were formally entered into service during a ceremony by the Italian Air Force. Boeing and the Italian Air Force have agreed to further enhance present capabilities on the final two Italian KC-767A tankers to be delivered. That effort is now underway, with the third KC-767A aircraft anticipated to enter into the acceptance process with delivery in the Summer 2011, with a fourth tanker to follow shortly thereafter.

KC-767A Tanker Transport Product Card

Global Tanker combi

The Combi Configuration

  • Full Passenger or
  • Full Freighter or
  • Passenger and freighter simultaneously

767 combi illustration

The Passenger Only Configuration