Rick Baily

Richard (Rick) D. Baily

Vice President

Engineering, Mission Assurance & Product Support

Boeing Defense, Space & Security

Rick Baily is the vice president of Engineering, Mission Assurance & Product Support for Boeing Defense, Space & Security (BDS). Baily is responsible for ensuring world-class technical integrity for all BDS products and services. He leads a 30,000-person international engineering organization that includes teams across the three BDS businesses – Boeing Military Aircraft, Network and Space Systems, and Global Services & Support – as well as an advanced technology development organization known as Phantom Works. He also oversees a Product Support team of more than 4,500 people at Boeing sites across the United States.

Prior to his current assignment, Baily was vice president and general manager for Combat Systems, a division of the Network and Space Systems business unit. In this role, he led Boeing’s efforts on the U.S. Army’s cornerstone modernization program, Brigade Combat Team Modernization, as well as other initiatives including the Avenger short-range air defense system, robotic systems, software and network systems.

Baily also served as vice president and general manager of the C3 Networks (Command, Control, and Communications) division. He was responsible for leading C3 Networks activities in its addressed markets of Command and Control (IC2), Network and Information Systems (N&IS), Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Systems (ICBM), Integrated Shipboard  Systems (ISS), and the Network Enabled Systems division of Boeing Australia Limited.

Previously, Baily was vice president of Battle Command Systems (BCS) and led program execution for all Army Systems BCS-related programs, including communications, command and control, and tactical intelligence systems. Prior to joining Army Systems, Baily was deputy general manager for Integrated Defense Advanced Systems (IDeAS) and concurrently led the Network Centric Operations Programs and Technologies organization within IDeAS. Prior to that, he was deputy program manager of the Future Combat Systems program during the Concept Technology and Demonstration (CTD) phase that culminated in a successful Milestone B Review.

Baily has also had a variety of program management and engineering assignments in systems product development, including leading the RS-68 Engine integrated product team for the Boeing Delta IV program. In addition, he led the Rocketdyne Operations organization, which included Manufacturing, Facilities & Plant Operations, and Materiel. His project engineering assignments have included developing space power systems, missile defense technologies, and booster and upper stage liquid rocket engines.

Baily has Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in mechanical engineering from the University of Colorado and the University of California, Los Angeles, respectively.

Publish date: January 2014
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