Integrated Mission Operations Contract II (IMOC II)


Integrated Mission Operations Contract II (IMOC II) The Integrated Mission Operations Contract II (IMOC II) provides support and products for spaceflight operations capability development and execution for the Johnson Space Center (JSC) Mission Operations Directorate (MOD), the International Space Station Program (ISSP) including the Avionics and Software Office (OD), and the JSC Flight Crew Operations Directorate (FCOD). This includes support to the mission preparation (Plan), crew, flight controller, instructor, and analyst training (Train), and real-time mission execution (Fly) activities related to exploration operations and the ISSP operations. Operations capability development support is required as NASA defines operations associated with the emerging options for the exploration initiatives and potential new programs, including but not limited to Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle Program, the Space Launch Systems Program, the Commercial Crew and Cargo Programs, and advanced technology and research.

With over 50 years of space exploration and operations experience, the Boeing IMOC II Team is pursuing this NASA contract. The JSC Mission Operations Directorate is the steward of considerable critical human spaceflight technical capabilities and the enabling flight operations culture resulting in mission assurance in NASA's human spaceflight programs. The Boeing IMOC II team will be staffed with people that share MOD's vision and passion for human space flight operations and embody the history of strong, articulated organizational values and culture.

If you are currently working on IMOC or have other space operations experience and would like more information about joining the Boeing IMOC II team, please let us know.

If you have any questions, please email them to the Space Exploration Human Resources group.