Boeing Radiation Effects Laboratory (BREL)

Services and Capabilities

Radiation Effects Simulation & Testing on Electronics

Natural Radiation

Nuclear Weapons Radiation

Radiation Effects on Materials - (CRETC & Dynamitron )

  • Degradation of Solar Cells
  • Darkening of Optical Coatings
  • Breakdown of Polymeric Materials
  • Darkening of Thermal Control Coatings
  • Synergistic Effects of Combined Radiation

Applications of Radiation

  • E-Beam Curing of Composites & Adhesives
  • Non-Destructive Evaluation Techniques
  • Neutron Activation Analysis

Modeling and Analysis

  • Digital Microcircuit SEE Analysis/Rate Calculations for Space & Aircraft Applications
  • Space Radiation Environment Modeling
  • Survivability/Vulnerability Analysis of Subsystems
  • Modeling Radiation Transport Through Materials and Structures

Special Services

  • Electronic Circuit Design Hardening
  • Radiation Tolerant Electronic Part Selection

Radiation Facility Rental also Available