Boeing Radiation Effects Laboratory (BREL)


BREL, located in Seattle, is an industry leader in the simulation of radiation environments and the testing of radiation effects on materials and components.

For more information about the Boeing Radiation Effects Laboratory and the services they provide, please contact:

Rick McGann, Manager
(253) 657-9813

Jerry Wert: Technical Lead (Electronics)
(206) 544-0331

Dennis Russell: Technical Lead (Materials)
(206) 544-0344

Fax: (206) 544-0409

Postal Mailing Address:
The Boeing Company
MC: 2T-50
P.O. Box 3707
Seattle, WA 98124

FEDEX/UPS Express Shipments:
Applied Physics Laboratories
Bldg. 15-10
1420 South Trenton Street
Seattle, WA 98108